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Forest Reserve Studies as Inspiration for Sustainable Forest
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Sustainable Ecological Systems: Implementing an Ecological Approach to Land Management

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Founded by Matthew Stephens in 2010

Earth Reforestation Project is a Global Network of Permaculture Designers, Ecologist, Botanist, Environmental Activist, Animal Rights Activist, and Organic Gardeners who are creating a New Earth through Self Reliance, Education, and Food Forestry.
The Earth Reforestation Project
Earth Reforestation Project Action Agenda:
-Facilitation and Documentation of Strategic Forest and Food Forest Planting Initiative
-Free Education of Permaculture Concepts and Techniques in Third World and Inner city Food Desert Environments
-Construction of Permaculture Demonstration Sites on Every Continent and in Every Biome
-Development of a Youth Ecology and Environmental Education Curriculum and Nutrition, Gardening, and Tree Planting Program
-Establishment of an international Seed Bank and Seed Share Initiative
-Total Shutdown of Monsanto Corporation
-Total Shut Down of BP Corporation
-Banning of Nuclear Power

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